About Founder

On behalf of the management, I would like to introduce myself to my dear members and brothers before proceeding with best wishes.

My name is Priyanka Gupta and I started work in Amway Company, the world's first and the network marketing company that gave birth to my graduation, this company is the first consumer direct selling company in the world which is still there for the quality of its products. Is in existence with an experience of 8 years, I obtained an MBA degree and then with my performance in various urban and rural areas of India with some international company, I have learned about the basic needs of the people and the disappointment received by the working practices of life. In-depth study of the constantly breaking economic conditions.

Where I saw that people are not getting the proper results of continuous hard work and that the fulfilment of the promises made by the companies is causing a deep loss of civilization and emotions due to these conditions in my country. Worried, I was forced to form the JMDi Jan Man Dhan Unit Group, where we kept the year 2003 in view of the odd circumstances of the future. Formed a high up to 0 methodology which is completely safe and easy. Thank you from my dear members and good wishes from the Jan Man Dhan Ikai.

Mrs. Priyanka Gupta (CMD of JMDi Group)